Storage and maintenance tips

Storage and maintenance tips
  • Storage and maintenance tips:
  • For long-term storage, wipe the blade with tsubaki abura (camellia oil) or olive oil, wrap the knife in newspaper and store in a cool, dry place.
  • Rust prevention:
  • While Japanese knives are forged to last a lifetime, they also tend to rust without proper care and maintenance. Please follow the instructions below to ensure their longevity and use throughout life.
  • Avoid contact with other steel objects, as the steel blade is prone to rust.
  • Wash immediately after use and dry quickly with a clean cloth to prevent rust.
  • Do not leave to soak for a long time (ie soaking at night, etc.)
  • Apply the knife maintenance oil on a clean blade to prevent rust. After applying the oil, wipe the blade with a clean cloth.
  • To remove rust:
  • Rub the rust with steel wool. For best results, apply knife maintenance oil to the blade before scrubbing off the rust.

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