ZANMAI Ultimate Aranami

ZANMAI Ultimate Aranami
  • ZANMAI Ultimate Aranami is the top model of Mcusta ZANMAI kitchen knives. The knives of this series combine Japanese tradition, history, craftsmanship, design and, last but not least, TOP modern materials.
  • Blade made of a completely new type of CORELESS steel, without a core and with unique waves representing the stormy sea, from where the name Aranami (stormy sea) comes from. In fact, the blade is made of 2 cores VG10 and VG2 running along the blade end to end, perfectly blended and forged. The blade combines the qualities of both steels and is extremely sharp and hard (61±1), keeping the sharpness of the cutting edge as long as possible.
  • Handle in a traditional hexagonal shape and made of red paka laminated wood, reinforced with mosaic rivets borrowed from musical instruments. At the beginning and end of the handle there is a guard and a heel made of nickel silver alloy which is known for its anti-bacterial and anti-corrosion properties. The handle is comfortable and fits perfectly in the hand.
  • The knives of the Aranami series have the spirit of the past, combining the history and traditions of Japan. Light and comfortable like any original Japanese kitchen knife.
  • Each knife comes in an exquisite wooden storage box.
  • Knives from the Aranami series are sold only by verified distributors.
  • Limited quantities!

Made in Japan

Mcusta ZANMAI Ultimate Aranami Chef/Gyuto knife 210mm

Mcusta ZANMAI Ultimate Aranami Chef/Gyuto knife 210mm

Ultimate Aranami Chef's Knife (Gioto) 210mm is a Japanese kitchen knife from the Mcusta ZANMAI flagship series. A knife combined craftsmanship, traditions and history. Aesthetically durable, practical and light, the knife from the Aranami series will grab you at first sight. Working with him will be a pleasure.Blade made of the new Coreless steel, as the name of the steel suggests it is forged from 2 cores VG10 and VG2, they make up the entire blade from end to end. Thanks to the Coreless steel, the blade is extremely sharp, keeping the cutting edge as long as possible. The figures on the blade resemble the waves of a stormy sea, hence the name of the Aranami series.The handle is made in a traditional hexagonal shape from Red Paka wood, mosaic rivets reinforce the handle and give it an amazing style, the top end of the handle is fitted with a guard to the blade and the bottom is fitted with a nickel silver alloy company logo heel.A knife for professionals, connoisseurs and c..


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