• Japanese kitchen knives from the ZANMAI REVOLUTION series are beautifully balanced, light, comfortable in the hand, with an individual design. Made of high quality materials and with attention to detail by highly qualified craftsmen.
  • The blade is a thin, 3 layer laminate with a SG2(SPG2) powder steel core between 2 layers of brushed stainless steel.
  • Handle made of Green Micarta or Paka wood in an ideal shape to fit even large hands.

Made in Japan

Mcusta ZANMAI REVOLUTION Kiritsuke knife 230mm  ZRG-1206G

Mcusta ZANMAI REVOLUTION Kiritsuke knife 230mm ZRG-1206G

The Japanese kitchen knife Kiritsuke 230mm from Mcusta ZANMAI's REVOLUTION series is a hybrid between the Japanese knives Yanagiba (for fish) and Usuba/Nakiri (for vegetables). Due to the difficulty of using them correctly when working with Kiritsuke knives, they are mainly used by experienced chefs and foodies. The REVOLUTION series of Japanese kitchen knives is truly a revolution in design and materials used for manufacturing, as well as the manufacturing itself. The knives of the series are light, balanced and incredibly comfortable to work in the professional and household kitchen.Blade made of 3-layer laminate with SG2 (SPG2) powder steel core between 2 layers of matte stainless steel with a hardness of 61 HRC. The blade is in the correct Japanese traditional Kiritsuke shape. Combine several knives Kiritsuke can be used for many activities in the kitchen.Handle made of high quality green Micarta in decagonal shape which is the best of ZANMAI, fits..


Premium END GRAIN Black Walnut  cutting board  41cm x 28cm x 3cm

Premium END GRAIN Black Walnut cutting board 41cm x 28cm x 3cm

Premium END GRAIN Black Walnut  cutting board with dimensions 41cm x 28cm x 3cm is made of high-quality material, specially selected for maximum longevity.END GRAIN is the way of gluing the wooden cubes so that the wood fibers are vertical. Vertically placed wood fibers have many advantages, one of the most important being that it protects the knives and their blades during work, because when cutting the blade enters between the wood fibers of the board, and after pulling back they close again, the second advantage is that the vertical gluing of the wood piles reduces the probability of warping of the cutting board and accordingly requires less care and attention, and thirdly is the aesthetic qualities and the design with the participation of nature.As the cutting boards are handmade, each board may vary in color and slight deviations in size. IMPORTANT!Instructions and careUsage:It is recommended to use a non-slip mat under the cutting board to prevent it fr..


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