About us

About us

JK Knives is a trade name managed by the company ST Import Ltd, established in 1999, also operating under the trade name MAXDRIVE, engaged in the representation of well-known Japanese companies in the field of motor sports, import of specialized auto parts, accessories and import of cars from Japan.

Over time, we have proven that we can deliver products from Japan to the Bulgarian market at affordable prices, we can be expeditious, fair and respectful to the customer.

Given the experience we have with Japanese suppliers, European customers and our other passion for cooking and love of Japanese knives and blades, we decided to try to offer the Bulgarian Chef,  hunter and collector, Japanese kitchen knives and blades. . Every chef and cook knows that working with a Japanese kitchen knife is easier, and this is because Japanese knives are sharp, light and balanced.

That's why we created this page to share the spirit of the Japanese knife and its precision with all professionals and lovers of quality and precision. Here you will find information about Japanese kitchen knives, their care, storage and sharpening. Here we will offer only quality kitchen, hunting and pocket / folding knives of famous Japanese companies and blacksmiths, with a history and traditions in the production of knives and swords.

We will try to make the prices affordable for all colleagues and amateurs.

And what is a cook without a knife?


We offer individual performances at the request of the client, such as placing designer handles from exotic and rare woods, engraving a name and making wooden or leather jugs, cooperating with famous Bulgarian masters in specific fields.

We offer special orders, such as delivery of authentic Samurai swords, armor and attributes, assisting with all export and import documentation.

Our motto:

Price, quality and correctness.


Thank you for your attention

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